The other day, I had to change the lightbulb in my kitchen. It took me just a few minutes from spotting the problem to having it fixed.

I know that my neighbour’s house has the same light fitting. If they asked me to help them change the bulb in their kitchen, it would take me just a few minutes to locate a new bulb, remove the blown one, and fit the new one.

But if I wanted to change it myself, without their request for help, or without their permission then it becomes a lot harder; breaking in to their house to do so could well land me in prison.

Sometimes we have all of the knowledge, skills, and tools that are necessary to solve a problem, but we are unable to do so because of organisational or societal boundaries. Even the simplest things can become unsolvable.

Businesses and teams need to structure themselves such that nobody feels that they have to break the rules to help.

Our teams shouldn’t be locked down like our houses are.